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Mission & Organization

The Members of IFToMM constitute the pillars and the mother earth upon which the Federation is build-up and blossoms. They are independent, non-profit subjects either at the institutional or at the personal level.

Membership in the Federation is either in form of voting members or in form of non-voting members.

Non-voting members are Honorary members (persons) or Temporary Associate Members (institutions) with yet no regular membership.

Voting member are non-profit national or territorial organizations – referred to as Member Organizations – or international organizations with allied interests. Hereby, a national or territorial Member Organization is a non-profit geographical entity with an independent budget and a recognized scientific and engineering activity. It may also be a National Council of Mechanism and Machine Science, an appropriate scientific or engineering society or institute, or an association thereof. Currently, the Federation encompasses 44 Member Organization over the whole world.

Regular Membership is endowed upon application to the Secretary General including the category of annual subscription and approval by the General Assembly by simple majority. On the opposite side, a loss of membership can be decided by the General Assembly by two-thirds vote, and a loss of privileges (due to long-term arrears) by simple majority. Each institutional member is represented by a chair - as well as, if possible, a Deputy Chair – with whom the IFToMM Executive Council will exchange information, issue membership fee invoices, and send ballot decisions. Currently, the following yearly fees apply to the different categories. In this setting, membership in the Federation is incompatible with any use of the activities of IFToMM for political, or commercial  purposes.

The amount of entrance and regular fees for all classes and categories of membership is determined by the General Assembly. There are five categories for yearly fees with the current amounts shown in the table.

Yearly fees are due at the beginning of the calendar year and are free of VAT due to their non-profit nature.

The Federation is not responsible for debts and expenses incurred by its Member Organizations, or by their delegates, except when authorized by the Executive Council.

For more details on the membership policies please consult the IFToMM constitution and by-laws under link to constitution

Category Yearly fee
I 3,600 US $
II 2,400 US $
III 1,200 US $
IV 600 US $
V 300 US $

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Countdown started! Preparations for the IFToMM World Congress 2023 on November 5-10 now in the hot phase. Get ready. Tokyo is welcoming you!

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Springer Outstanding PhD Thesis Prize 2022 now open for applications!

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First Post-Pandemic In-Person International IFToMM Conference: USCToMM’s Symposium on Mechanical Systems and Robotics (MSR) 2022, South Dakota, USA

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First Cross Disciplinary Group “Sustainable Development Goals (I4SDG) – Securing the Future Environment: Air, Water and Energy ” starts ...

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