Affiliated Journals & Publications

Tier 1: Official IFToMM recommended journal for publishing top and original results in all fields covered by IFToMM
Journal NamePublisherEditor-In-ChiefWebsite
Mechanism and Machine TheoryElsevierP. FloresWebsite link
Tier 2: Complementary Journals, Proceedings and Book Series covering specific fields of IFToMM for publishing up-to-date results from IFToMM working groups
Journal NamePublisherEditor-In-ChiefWebsite
Open-Access Mechanical SciencesCopernicus PublicationsGuangbo Hao and Andreas MüllerWebsite link
Advances in Vibration EngineeringSpringerC. NatarajWebsite link
Chinese Journal of Mechanical EngineeringCMES, Springer OpenTianhu SongWebsite link
Tier 3: Community Journals, Proceedings and Books accompanying conferences, symposia, and regional research
Journal NamePublisherEditor-In-ChiefWebsite
MDPI journal MachinesMDPIProf. Dr. Hamid Reza KarimiWebsite link
MDPI journal RoboticsMDPIProf. Dr. Marco CeccarelliWebsite link
Tier 4: Preprint papers & Books of Abstract
Journal NamePublisherEditor-In-ChiefWebsite
IFToMM D-A-CHIFToMM D-A-CHWebsite link
Tier 1This is the official and founding journal of IFToMM, and is the primary venue for publications in all fields covered by IFToMM. Cooperation between IFToMM and this journal is traditionally very high in order to ensure high standards, regular interaction and collegial coordination with the Publisher and the Editor-in-Chief on issues regarding the Editorial Board, reviewing procedure, newsletter channels, and historical background of IFToMM.
Tier 2Complementary affiliated journals, proceedings, and book series, providing high-quality contributions with focused scope as well as from larger geographical subregions of IFToMM. Cooperation with IFToMM is high, with most decisions on editorial matters, review procedures and quality standards achieved in coordination between IFToMM and the Publisher or the Editor-in-Chief. 
Tier 3Community journals, conference proceedings and books on regional or specialized areas of research with independent publisher policies. Publication media in this Tier cover highly dynamic, regional, or more specialized interests within the IFToMM community. These media have less formal monitoring procedures by IFToMM.
Tier 4Preprint papers, books of abstracts, and small-series publications. This is a venue to bring rapid visibility to ongoing activities within IFToMM. It is open to publication media from all IFToMM members, committees, and commissions. Inclusion requires confirmation by the originator of responsibility for ethical and good-practice standards in publication.

To ensure a well-balanced and internationally representative selection of affiliated journals and their allotment to tiers 2 to 4, the Executive Council is counselled by an international Advisory Board, appointed by the Executive Council according to Article 5.9 of IFToMM’s constitution, and consisting of ten internationally renowned experts including as chair the Executive-Council representative for publications. The Advisory Board evaluates proposals for journal affiliation, defines the rationale for the allotment to tiers, coordinates the lines of Memoranda of Understanding between IFToMM and the Publishers, defines the contributions to IFToMM by the affiliated journals, and reports to the Executive Council. The final decision on affiliation and allotment to tiers is determined by the Executive Council during its regular meetings based on the recommendation of the Advisory Board.

Proposals for publication media affiliation can be directed to

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The first IFToMM book on engines and powertrains is authored by the members of three Technical Committees

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Tsinghua University and Tsingke+ Institute Developed a Swab Sampling Robot for 20-in-1 PCR Screening

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Urkaine in need – Send us your support ideas and initiatives through this blog

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Countdown started! Preparations for the IFToMM World Congress 2023 on November 5-10 now in the hot phase. Get ready. Tokyo is welcoming you!

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Springer Outstanding PhD Thesis Prize 2022 now open for applications!

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First Post-Pandemic In-Person International IFToMM Conference: USCToMM’s Symposium on Mechanical Systems and Robotics (MSR) 2022, South Dakota, USA

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First Cross Disciplinary Group “Sustainable Development Goals (I4SDG) – Securing the Future Environment: Air, Water and Energy ” starts …

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