General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Federation and determines its policy. It is composed of the Member Organizations (national or territorial organizations) as well as of international organizations with allied interests, and usually convenes every four years during the IFToMM World Congress, except for extraordinary sessions requested by at least one third of the voting members. Such sessions must be convened within one year of the request, with the date and place being determined by the Executive Council.
The President, or the Vice‐President in the absence of the President, shall chair the sessions of the General Assembly. The Chair of the General Assembly votes only in the case of a deadlock. At the moment of election of the incoming Executive Council, the Chair is transferred temporarily, and only for this election, to the Chair of the Nominating Committee.
Between the sessions of the General Assembly, the elected Executive Council manages the affairs of the Federation according to the Constitution.

09.11.2023 – next General Assembly

Days to the next General Assembly

The General Assembly elects the members of the Executive Council every four years during the World Congress, determines the yearly membership fees, decides on proposals for honors and awards and on new memberships based on the proposals by the Executive Council, and decrees to adopt or change any by-law or the statutes.
Moreover, the General Assembly elects – during the World Congress convention – a Constitution Committee as well as a Nominating Committee, both directly responsible to the General Assembly.

The Constitution Committee advices the Federation on constitutional matters. The current Constitutional Committee is composed of

Chair             Prof. Qiaode (Jeff) Ge (USA)
MemberProf. Prof. Clément Gosselin (Canada)
MemberProf. Nobuyuki Iwatsuki (Japan)
MemberProf. Teresa Zielinska (Poland)

The Nominating Committee prepares the slate of candidates for election to the Executive Council, the Constitution Committee and the General Assembly recorder for the next General Assembly. The current Nominating Committee is composed of

Chair ex officioProf. Marco Ceccarelli (Italy)
MemberProf. Sunil Agrawal (USA)
MemberProf. I-Ming Chen (Singapore)
MemberProf. Burkhard Corves (Germany)
MemberProf. Gentiane Venture  (Japan)
MemberProf. Sergei S. Gavriushin (Russia)

The Nominating Committee shall seek names of candidates for inclusion in the slate of nominees from the memberships of all IFToMM bodies: Member Organizations, Technical Committees, Permanent Commissions, and the sitting Executive Council. Based on this, at least one year prior to the General Assembly, the Nominating Committee shall distribute to all Member Organizations its slate of nominations for the impending election of the Executive Council. The number of nominations shall not be fewer than the vacancies.

In addition to the slate of candidates presented by the Nominating Committee, candidates may be nominated from the floor of the General Assembly prior to the commencement of voting. The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall call for such nominations before the vote.

The Nominating Committee supervises the vote, and is responsible for preparing ballots etc. The Chair of the Nominating Committee assumes the Chair of the General Assembly for the purpose of conducting the vote, and cedes the chair back to the President at the conclusion of the vote. Two tellers elected by the Assembly shall count the votes.

Moreover, the Nominating Committee proposes its members for the next term, to be approved by the General Assembly.

By definition, no member of the once-installed Nominating Committee can be nominated within the term of the acting Nominating Committee, not even in the case of stepping down. Also, the Past President, as chair ex officio, cannot step down from this position.

For more information on the General Assembly please consult the IFToMM constitution and by-laws under this link.

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