Technical Committees

Mission & Organization

The mission of IFToMM’s Technical Committees is to exchange and shape in detail activities, strategies and information streams to push forward technology and scientific insight in the many subject areas covered by IFToMM.

Currently, there are 14 Technical Committees established by the IFToMM constitution. Within the Technical Committees, new directions in research and development are identified or shaped, contacts between researchers and engineers are nurtured, national and international symposia, conferences, summer schools and workshops are created or continued, and exchange of information is mobilized e.g., in the form of edited books, textbooks, journal special issues or sections, webinars and the like.

Technical Committees are composed by a Chair, a Deputy Chair, and at least four more members from IFToMM Member Organizations, where at least three Member Organizations must represented. The Chair is appointed by the Executive Council, while the Deputy Chair and the members are nominated by the chair and appointed by the Executive Council.

The Chairs of the Technical Committees are invited to participate in the meetings of the Executive Council as observers and to present their reports as required. Their Chairs also become members of the Scientific Committee of the IFToMM World Congress every four years.

More information about the Technical Committees is detailed in the corresponding Permanent Commission menu.

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