Honors & Awards

Category of AwardBestowed to
(A) Honorary MemberPersons who have contributed by live-time achievements and their outstanding international reputation to the blossoming-up of mechanism and machine science and the thriving of the Federation. This is the highest distinction bestowed by the Federation. The total number of honorary members shall not exceed twenty, and the number from any Member Organization shall not exceed three.
(B) Award of MeritPersons or organizations who/which have contributed an exceptionally significant achievement – either an invention, a theoretical development or a software framework – in the area of Mechanism and Machine Science, upon which the IFToMM community and mechanism and machine next-generation scientists may build up new research directions.
(C) Dedicated Services AwardPersons or organizations who/which have provided substantial voluntary service for the whole Federation, marked by outstanding performance, effective leadership and prolonged and devoted commitment for the international activities of IFToMM.

Honors and awards are bestowed by the General Assembly as the supreme body of the Federation in appreciation and distinction for the accomplished contributions.

Honorary Members of IFToMM IFToMM Award of Merit IFToMM Dedicated Service Award
Living members Jian Dai (United Kingdom) 2024 Rasim Ismayil Alizade (Azerbaijan) 2024
Tian Huang (China-Beijing) 2024 Clément Gosselin (Canada) 2019 Yuri L. Sargsyan (Armenia) 2024
Marco Ceccarelli (Italy) 2024 Qiang Huang (China-Beijing) 2019 Juan Carretero (Canada) 2024
Teun Koetsier (Netherlands) 2019 Gondi Kondaiah Ananthasuresh (India) 2019 Eres Söylemez (Turkey) 2024
Hong Sen Yan (China-Taipei) 2011 Faydor l. Litvin (Russia, USA) 2014 Doina Pisla (Romania) 2024
Enrique Chicurel-Uziel (Mexico) 2011 Jean-Pierre Merlet (France) 2011 Teresa Zielinska (Poland) 2024
Emilio Bautista Paz (Spain) 2007 Javier Garcia De Jalon (Spain) 2011 Shuo Hung Chang (China-Taipei) 2018
Jorge Angeles (Canada) 2003 Atsuo Takanishi (Japan) 2010 Moshe Shoham (Israel) 2018
Bernard Roth (USA) 2003 Zhen Huang (China-Beijing) 2010 Ce Zhang (China-Beijing) 2018
Past members Rafael Aviles (Spain) 2010 Chitta Amarnath (India) 2018
Jammi S. Rao (India) 2011 Florea Dudita (Romania) 2009 Józef Wojnarowski (Poland) 2018
Manfred Hiller (Germany) 2011 Toshiro Higuchi (Japan) 2007 Vincenzo Parenti Castelli (Italy) 2017
Leonard Maunder (UK) 2007 Justo Nieto Nieto (Spain) 2007 Veniamin I. Goldfarb (Russia) 2017
Teru Hayashi (Japan) 2007 Teun Koetsier (Netherlands) 2004 Jorge Angeles (Canada) 2016
Arkady Bessonov (Russia) 2003 Shigeo Hirose (Japan) 2004 Andrés Kecskeméthy (Germany) 2015
Konstantin V.Frolov (Russia) 1999 Miroslav Václavík (Czech) 2015
Jack Phillips (Australia) 1999 Ion Vişa (Romania) 2015
Jan Oderfeld (Poland) 1995 Joseph Rooney (UK) 2015
Erskine Crossley (USA) 1975 Alexander Golovin (Russia) 2014
Carlos Lopez-Cajùn (Mexico) 2014
Ken Waldron (USA, Australia) 2013
Hanfried Kerle (Germany) 2011
Manfred Husty (Austria) 2010
Ying Chien Tsai (China-Taipei) 2010
Alberto Rovetta (Italy) 2010
Tian Huang (China-Beijing) 2009
Terry E. Shoup (Canada) 2007
Neville F. Rieger (USA) 2007
Elisabeth Filemon (Hungary) 2004
Giovanni Bianchi (Italy) 2004
P. A. Lebedev (Russia) 1999
Gerhard Bögelsack (Germany) 1999
Ladislav Pust (Czech Republic) 1999
Karl Wohlhart (Austria) 1999

Nominations for Honors and Awards can be submitted to honors-and-awards-affairs@iftomm-world.org using the form ‘IFToMM Form 16 – Nomination for an IFToMM Award.pdf’ downloadable under IFToMM Forms and enclosing the required attachments.

Recommendations for honors and awards to the General Assembly are issued by the IFToMM Honors and Awards Committee – embodied by the acting Executive Council and chaired by the President, with the Vice-President acting as secretary of the committee and the Secretary General acting as its communication channel – upon reviewing and evaluating nominations received from IFToMM or external societies. In its role as Honors and Awards Committee, the Executive Council consists only and exclusively of its voting members. The Executive Council in this role reviews and evaluates in closed (non-public) sessions nominations received from within IFToMM or external societies and sends its recommendation to the General Assembly, which finally decides as the supreme body of the Federation for the bestowing of awards. Recommendation decisions are issued by the Executive Council in its role as Honors and Awards Committee and forwarded to the General Assembly at its end-of-year session from all received nominations once every four years prior to the forthcoming World Congress, or in the running year in urgent cases. The Executive Council in its role as Honors and Awards Committee may also decide not to recommend specific awards for categories (A) to (C) in a running period.

Due to her or his direct involvement in the Honors and Awards Committee, no member of the acting Executive Council or the Honors and Awards Advisory Panel may be nominated for awards.

The awards will be ceremonially handed over by the President during the World Congress or in-between in urgent cases.

For the recommendation of the Executive Council in its role as Honors and Awards Committee, an international Honors and Awards Advisory Panel is appointed as external advisory board by the Executive Council in its role as Honors and Awards Committee. The current Honors and Awards Advisory Panel is composed by

NameFunctionIFToMM organ
Fernando ViaderoIFToMM Vice President ( Chair ) EC Member
Cristina CastejónChair PC EducationSpain
Qiang HuangIFToMM Award of MeritChina Beijing
Manfred HustyFormer Chair IFToMM ConstitutionAustria
Elżbieta JarzębowskaMember TC Transportation MachineryPoland
Gökhan KiperChair MO TurkeyTurkey
Pierre LarochelleFormer Executive ASME & Chair MO USUSA
Erika OttavianoFormer Secretary TC Computational KinematicsItaly
Gentiane VentureFormer Secretary of MO JapanJapan
Hong-Sen YanIFToMM Honorary MemberChina Taipei

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