The first Springer MMS series book from MO Türkiye by Prof. Eres Söylemez

Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms: Using Excel® and Geogebra

The book covers classical geometrical methods and modern analytical methods in the kinematic synthesis of mechanisms. The methods discussed are all implemented geometrically using Geogebra and analytically using Excel®. After a brief history of how machine science has developed throughout history from the viewpoint of mechanism design, two, three, four, and five-position syntheses of mechanisms are issued. Geometrical and analytical methods of guiding a rigid body between the given positions, path generation with prescribed timing, and correlation of crank angles are covered. Using the relative motion concept, the position synthesis of six-link mechanisms is also considered. Roberts-Chebyshev theorem is described and proved, and the use of the theorem in practice is shown. The book also explains the design of mechanisms that convert a continuous rotary motion into an oscillating or reciprocating motion. Freudenstein’s equation for three, four, and five precision points and the least squares method for function generation using Freudenstein’s equation are explained. Developments made in Russian school on mechanism synthesis, starting with Chebyshev, are discussed. Finally, the application of optimization in mechanism design is shown with examples. Solver tool as an add-in in Excel® is used, which provides a simple, fast, and easy-to-use platform for optimizing mechanisms.

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About the author:
Eres Söylemez received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Columbia University in 1974 under the supervision of Ferdinand Freudenstein. He worked as a faculty member at Middle East Technical University (1974-1985 / 1989-2013) and Gazi University (1985-1989). He served as the chair of Department of Mechanical Education at Gazi University (1987-1988), the president of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Defense Industries Research and Development Institute (SAGE) (1989-1995), the president of Measuring, Selection and Placement Center of Turkey (OSYM) (1995-1996), the chair of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University, the president of the Turkish Machine Theory Association (MakTeD) (2011-2019) and the chair of IFToMM MO Turkey (2011-2020). He has been a member of the IFToMM Technical Committee for Linkages and Mechanical Controls since 2012 and received the IFToMM Dedicated Service Award in 2023. Söyelemez specializes in the kinematic synthesis of mechanisms.

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