Privacy Statement

We at IFToMM are endeavored to protect the privacy and accuracy of
confidential information to the extent possible. As a non-profit and
democratic international scientific organization, all public documents,
including minutes of public meetings and sessions, awards, memorials and
reports from members, committees and commissions, shall be visible to the
general interested public. Beyond this publica information, to which all
participants agree upon participation in the meetings, commissions and
committees, no other confidential or personal information shall be

Exclusion of information collection

IFToMM does not collect any personal information about visits on this web
site whatsoever. This applies also to any kind of statistics apart from the
count of clicks without any reference to the source of the clicks, and
without any processing apart from yearly balance of accesses for own
activity tracking. 

Coverage of privacy warranty 

This privacy statement applies only to this web site and its subpages. In
case of links to other web sites, these may be operated by other parties.
Please consult the privacy policies of this external websites for your
convenience. We provide the links for access to the members of this society,
but we cannot assume responsibility for the way the subpages take care of
privacy. In case you find that a website to which this website provides a
link to does not comply with your expectations of privacy policy, please
feel free to contact us as well as the concerned third party website to try
to heal the situation.

Possible changes of privacy statement 

As the privacy policies listed in this statement may change from time to
time, we recommend that you visit recurrently this webpage and the privacy
statement. In case a significant change of the privacy statement is planned,
we will post a notice on our homepage ahead of implementation and for a
period after implementation 


If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Statement, feel free
to contact any member of the Executive Council of IFToMM at the email

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