IFToMM as a worldwide federation is committed since its begining to building bridges in friendship over the world, for the good of science and technology, and of humankind. We at IFToMM mourn over the current unnecessary suffering and bloodshed of innocent people in Ukraine on both sides, and pray for the re-blossoming of peace, which is so necessary.

We ask the politically responsible persons to stop this war, so that people can work again together instead of fighting each other. History shows that war can be no good, under any circumstances. Peace is the source of solutions and progress.

Welcome to IFToMM World

Welcome to IFToMM, the only exisiting truly world-based scientific community devoted to the solution of challenges for future smart mechanical devices.

We offer:

  • 46 international member organisations
  • 14 committees on future technology
  • 3 permanent commissions on global aspects
  • 4 cross disciplinary groups for interdisciplinary exchange
  • multiple conferences per year
  • one World Congress every four years
  • non-profit international leadership


IFToMM is comprised by currently 46 member organizations (MOs) spread over the world. Individual scientists can contact the member organization of their region or any of the 14 technical committees in the area of research of interest and 3 permanent commissions to become an active part of this rich international network. Click on the world map on top right to check for the contact data of your Member Organization, browse through the Technical Committees and Permanent Commissions to see what fits best your interest, or visit one of the numerous IFToMM conferences, workshops and/or summer schools to have a direct impression of the exciting topics and enthralling people IFToMM is comprised of. Advantages of individual participation are

Latest News

The first IFToMM book on engines and powertrains is authored by the members of three Technical Committees

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Tsinghua University and Tsingke+ Institute Developed a Swab Sampling Robot for 20-in-1 PCR Screening

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Urkaine in need – Send us your support ideas and initiatives through this blog

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Countdown started! Preparations for the IFToMM World Congress 2023 on November 5-10 now in the hot phase. Get ready. Tokyo is welcoming you!

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Springer Outstanding PhD Thesis Prize 2022 now open for applications!

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First Post-Pandemic In-Person International IFToMM Conference: USCToMM’s Symposium on Mechanical Systems and Robotics (MSR) 2022, South Dakota, USA

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First Cross Disciplinary Group “Sustainable Development Goals (I4SDG) – Securing the Future Environment: Air, Water and Energy ” starts …

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