Providing networking opportunities is a core mission of IFToMM! Clearly, the international community of IFToMM is of outstanding value for young researchers and established experts to meet their peers!

The IFToMM MO Germany is contributing to this mission by nationally organized events:

IFToMM D-A-CH Konferenz

While researchers meanwhile can choose from a vast number of conferences, only few of them explicitly address young German-speaking scientists. Therefore, the MOs Germany, Austria and Switzerland – forming the so-called D-A-CH region in Europe – joined in 2015 to create a forum for an annual meeting, called IFToMM D-A-CH Konferenz. Held in German language, it invites PhD students and post-docs to present their ideas and research plans. Here, not only project results, but also research hypotheses, intended approaches and preliminary outcomes can be submitted to be discussed in a cordial and helpful atmosphere. Open questions towards the audience are welcome! Note, also submissions in English language can be presented. The annual conference proceedings are published in Open Access with DOI and ISBN. The archives can be accessed here.

IFToMM D-A-CH is the perfect starting point to get involved in IFToMM MO Germany in any phase of your career!

Getriebetechnisches Kolloquium

German has a long tradition in gear and transmission research. Since 1995, German-speaking experts meet in uneven years to present the latest trends in the field. Driven by developments in bionics, material science and mechatronics, novel approaches and tools are presented by recognized experts. Both submissions from academia and industry are welcome.

Dates and Places

For a general overview and the dates and places of past and upcoming conferences please visit the conference pages of IFToMM.

Upcoming Events

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Jc-IFToMM Special International Symposium


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